RAW- Kickstarting a food and farming revolution

Published on by Pete Shield

One of the most critical questions of our generation is how to feed our growing population at a time of vast sustainability challenges. Compassionin World Farming’s newest campaign, RAW, explores how we can achieve this in a humane sustainable way. Factory farming is the world’s predominant model of livestock farming – it’s how we rear and slaughter two thirds of our farm animals, currently around 65 billion, every year. But it’s not fit for the future.


Factory farming prioritises maximum production above all else and is highly dependent on large qualities of limited resources such as grain-based feed, water, energy and medication. It is all too often seen as the cheap, efficient solution to feeding our world. But this could not be further from the truth – factory farms use more food than they produce and nearly one billion people are already going hungry. 

- Factory farming is inherently unsustainable; for people, the planet and animals: 

- Factory farming is dangerous, threatening our health and wellbeing 

- Factory farming is unfair, threatening rural livelihoods and exacerbating poverty 

- Factory farming is dirty, threatening the planet and its natural resources 

In order to achieve real change for factory farmed animals, Compassion in World Farming has a new way of thinking. While maintaining our campaigning to improve animal welfare standards, we are also working to achieve a wholesale policy shift away from factory farming and towards humane sustainable food and farming systems. 

RAW is an ambitious, international campaigning initiative to kickstart a food and farming revolution. Through RAW, we will expose and explore the true cost of factory farming – for people, for the planet, for animals – and build a movement for safe, fair and green food and farming solutions. 

Dil Peeling, Director of Public Affairs at Compassion in World Farming, says: “Those interested in the relationship between food, farming and our livelihoods are a key audience for RAW. The choices that we make in the supermarket have a profound effect on the lives of others, both in developed and developing countries. I would urge you to check out RAW.INFO and join the campaign for a food and farming revolution. ” Our website, RAW.INFO will be the place to discover and discuss the stories, positive and negative, behind our meat and dairy products, and take action on the issues that matter most. 

Jonty Whittleton, Digital Campaigner at Compassion in World Farming says: “RAW.INFO is incredibly inclusive – who doesn’t have a stake in the future of food and farming? We will be working tirelessly to bring people closer to their food than ever before and expose the true cost of factory farming. If you want to know more about your food and its effect on our world, this is the website to get involved with.” 

Compassion in World Farming was founded over 40 years ago in 1967 by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of modern, intensive factory farming. Today we campaign peacefully to end all cruel factory farming practices. In recent years the organisation has witnessed factory farming’s far-reaching negative impacts for people, animals and the planet, which led to the creation of RAW. 

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